Beginner Obedience

Doggie Basics is proud to announce that we have partnered with Alex Lin Lim & Mary Le, the owners of for all our customers’ training needs.    

The beginner level course is geared towards providing both you and your K9 companion a better understanding of each other. The end result is a well-behaved companion that would fit comfortably into your busy schedule. An example of comfort would be more enjoyable walks because you are not being pulled in every possible direction. More importantly, the safety of your companion and other people are greatly enhanced with proper training. An example of safety would be the ability to command your dog to ignore harmful substances, such as chocolate or poisonous plants, or drop it out of their mouth if they have already picked it up. Another example would be having a dog that could actually stay (still) on command if it was running too close to busy roads.


• Sit

• Down

• Stay (up to 30ft with distraction)

• Proper Leash Walking

• Leave It

• Drop It

• Meet & Greet (socialization)


• Proof of up-to-date vaccinations

• Fitted collar

• Regular 4 – 6 ft leash (retractable leashes are not allowed)

• Comfortable shoes

• Dress accordingly for weather

• Treats or toys if necessary

• Daily practice in between lessons


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Price: $500.00 + tax

*5 weekly lessons

*Lessons are 1 hour long. 24-hour notification is required for lesson cancellations or rescheduling. There is a 15 minute grace for lateness. No shows or less than 24-hour lesson cancellations will count as a lesson. Reinforcement lessons after the initial 5 week course will be $100.00 per lesson.