Barkery Spa provides a full service spa for dogs of all breeds on site. Dogs who are regular daycare attendees can enjoy a complimentary day in daycare while getting a full groom. *Daycare visits must be confirmed by Doggie Basics prior to the grooming day.

For pricing and booking, please contact Barkery Spa at 647-866-0370. 



Did You Know...

It’s crucial to get dogs used to having their paws, body, and mouth touched early on. It’s better in the long run to start when they are just a puppy so they are calmer when it’s time for a coat brushing, nail trim, or teeth brushing.

The amount of shedding a dog goes through depends on diet, health, breed, and season. Shedding can be minimized with regular grooming. However, dogs who are kept mainly indoors tend to shed throughout the year.

Matted fur is uncomfortable for dogs as it pulls on their skin and can be difficult to remove. In addition, dirt and grime collects in the matted fur and can cause skin irritation as it keeps moisture and lack of oxygen from the skin’s surface.

Dog nails need to be trimmed on average once a month. Not only is their posture affected when they’re too long, it’s extremely uncomfortable and painful. Rule of thumb, if you can hear nail clicks on the floor, it’s time for a trim!