So amazing – Dee is incredible! I feel soooo good knowing that my puppy is cared for by Dee! It took some time to find the right fit but I am so grateful for the fantastic connection made to Doggie Basics and I am confident that she will thrive as Dee goes above and beyond in every way. I trust Doggie Basics 100% with my pup and would highly recommend it to anyone seeking doggie advice, help, care, training daycare and/or boarding! AMAZING!!!

Monica Rakhinshteyn Jeffrey – Xena

Amazing Amazing with dogs!!!! Trustworthy, gentle, knowledgeable, capable and passionate about dogs.

Lexy, Brady, and Harley

Dee is absolutely amazing with our dog MJ! Dee truly goes above and beyond and we would recommend Doggie Basics to anyone without any hesitation. Doggie Basics provides the dogs with so much more than just a typical daycare, they provide the dogs with guidance, training, and make sure they always have a blast. MJ absolutely loves Dee and her team and we always know she is in excellent hands with Doggie Basics!

Nicole & Matt Goldstein

Having adopted my first dog, I wanted to make sure Shiloh was in a place where she felt comfortable, and was taken care of by professionals – especially those who could handle rescue dogs. Doggie Basics exceeded my expectations in a million ways!! – Dee always takes the time to answer doggie questions and provide behavioural tips – easing my anxiety and providing so much support. I wouldn’t trust Shiloh anywhere else through boarding, daycare or training – Dee truly loves what she does. Thank you Dee – your service is invaluable!

Chinmayee Rindani

Dee and her staff are amazing. My rescue dog, Neko, has some quirky fears of floors and needs some extra patience and care sometimes. They were more than willing to work with her and give her the time she needed to get adjusted. I found Doggie Basics when I was looking for somewhere to take her when my apartment building does fire alarm testing and it turns out they are five minutes front my office. I’ve recommended them already to all of my coworkers with dogs.
I’m a little (ok a lot) over protective of Neko and hesitant to leave her with anyone who doesn’t know that she can have little moments of panic and fear but I took Neko to meet Dee a few weeks ago before leaving her all day and knew that I would feel comfortable with her being with them. The other plus is that they have a very well stocked shop upstairs with too quality food and treats and toys and supplies. This is awesome because we give Neko Orijen food and the pet store we usually get it from is a little out of the way. Even if Neko isn’t at daycare, it’s great to know that I can stop by and get from Doggie Basics as well. I will most definitely be bringing her back.

Allison Vardy

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