Frequently Asked Questions

My dog isn’t spayed/neutered. Can they still attend daycare or board with Doggie Basics?

We require all dogs 8 months of age or older be spayed/neutered.

How old must my dog be to attend daycare or to board?

Your dog can attend our facilities once they receive their second set of vaccinations and 10 days have passed since the second set of vaccines were administered. Once the Rabies vaccine is administered, a new certificate showing update vaccine record will be required in order to continue attending our facilities.

Which vaccines are required?

We require all dogs to have up-to-date Rabies, DHPP/DA2PP and Bordetella vaccines. All dogs are also recommended to be on an annual heart worm and flea prevention program. We also accept titre certificates. *While we respect the decision of some dog owners to naturally rear their dogs, should you have a medical reason to avoid vaccinating your dog, you will be required to sign a vaccine waiver prior to attending our facilities and/or provide an exemption letter from your veterinarian.

Do you separate dogs based on their age and/or size?

We allow dogs of all sizes and ages to socialize and play in the same areas. We do have separate areas for those dogs who are extreme athletes and require exercise and play to be carried our separately for the safety of other dogs. In addition, a secondary playroom is used to provide group play for dogs of similar size, puppies, and dogs who have a similar play style, in order to ensure the well being of our guests.

Are the dogs supervised?

Yes, the dogs are always supervised by hands on trained staff.

How do I arrange to bring my dog to Doggie Basics?

There are multiple ways to arrange daycare or boarding with us:

Download the app ‘Mindbody’ via the App Store or Google Play here and search for ‘Doggie Basics’:        

Phone 416-727-9660


Your dog will need to go through a meet & greet where we will assess your dog’s temperament and behaviour around other dogs. If your dog passes the assessment, they can either stay for their free half day trial or schedule another day to come play and socialize. You will need to fill out forms and provide a copy of the most recent vaccinations or titre certificates.

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